Pain Relief


The treatment of muscle and joint pain is another area where Far Infrared Saunas are increasingly being used.

Here’s how the basic process works: heat generated by the sauna penetrates some 4cm beneath the skin. Blood vessels begin to dilate and this leads to enhanced circulation. An increased supply of oxygen-rich blood now flows to one’s injured muscles and soft tissue, thus enabling the healing process to be accelerated. At the same time, the improved circulation helps to remove metabolic waste products from the affected areas.

Such is the effectiveness of this approach that radiant heat therapy is increasingly being used in Europe and Japan to treat a wide range of ailments.


Weight loss


There is another weighty argument in favour of Far Infrared Saunas - potential weight loss and improved cardiovascular conditioning.

The process is simple. Heat therapy assists in increasing the pulse, cardiac output and metabolic rate - and the net effect, of course, is faster calorie burning.

But it goes further. Because fat becomes soluble at 42°C it is also released through the sweat glands, along with the various waste substances.The great news for overweight people is that a massive 300 calories can be shed in a standard session, the equivalent, in fact, of a 10 km run! Although the perspired water is obviously replaced through re-hydration, the calories are not.